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Countdown: Two Months

As the final weeks of school tick past, I have only one thing on my mind: Asia.  Asian food. People. Travel. Culture. Adventures.  It’s hard to focus with such anticipation and excitement looming in my near-future.

I’m finishing up my final term of school at the University of Oregon.  I’ll graduate with a degree in journalism (focusing on electronic media and magazine) and a minor in Japanese.  After walking across that stage and getting my diploma, it will be on to the next step: Asia.

I’m heading back over to Asia at the end of July, my third extended trip to the region in three years.  This time, I’m moving there for a job: I’ve taken a position as a writer and editor at an English-language magazine in Nepal, based in Kathmandu.  While trying to finish up my classes and figure out what’s in store for me in Kathmandu, I’m building my website and scrambling to make travel plans.

An extended trip to Asia, or anywhere, always takes a lot of planning.  There’s insurance, gear, health concerns (shots and meds), visa and travel information, political concerns (Nepal) and money.  Each aspect takes careful planning and consideration before departure and the thought or organization can be overwhelming at times.  That’s why I decided to start this website.  I wanted to create one site that presented a collection of information about travel, working, and adventuring in Asia.