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Nepal’s Genius Security Systems

Sometimes I think that we in the Western world unnecessarily complicate life.  This theory is often confirmed when I am traveling or living in developing countries and I see how they do things here.  People in the developing world often have simple and easy solutions for life’s everyday problems.  Westerners could learn a thing or two from these solutions on how to make life less complicated.

I spend a lot of time roaming the streets of Kathmandu and have noticed that Nepalis have come up with some genius security systems for their homes and businesses.  Now, in the West we often install expensive alarms that trigger calls to the police who then have to drive to the point of break-in.  What happens if the alarm doesn’t go off?  What happens if the police don’t get there in time?  You’re out of luck.

The majority of security systems in Kathmandu are much simpler, but I assume, very effective.  All you need to install a simple, yet genius Nepali security system is some cement, rusty nails and maybe an empty wine bottle or two.  There are two types of security systems I’ve seen: nails and glass.  To install the nails system just put some wet cement around the top of the wall around your home.  When the cement begins to dry, stick the rusty nails in (pointy side up).  Voila! You now have a layer of rusty, pointy nails to deter any intruders.

Nepal Genius Security System Version 2 is the “glass system.”  To install the glass system, simply invite all your alcoholic friends to your house for a weekend of booze fueled revelry.  After all the guests and their hangovers have departed, take all the empty wine and beer bottles and smash them with a hammer.  Then, as with the “nails system,” put a layer of cement around the top of the wall around your house.  Stick the shards of glass in the cement and, voila!, now you have a layer of razor-sharp glass pieces to keep away bad guys.

Above: Exhibit A: The Nails System

Above: Exhibit B: The Glass System

Above: More of the Glass System.