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Understanding Genocide in Cambodia

For my latest guest post for Ethos Magazine, I explored the meaning of genocide with a focus on my trip to the Killing Fields, also known as Cheong Ek, just outside Phnom Penh in Cambodia.  I had always felt a sort of detachment when learning about the horrors or war and conflict because it was so difficult to actually understand what widespread suffering and death meant.  At the point in my life that I visited Cambodia’s Killing Fields, the only death I had known was that of my childhood cat.  To comprehend the murder of millions of people by the Khmer Rouge was so inconceivable that I just left it as an abstract thought in the back of my head.  But, when I found a lone tooth on the ground at Cheong Ek things quickly changed as I slowly became aware of the meaning of the life and death of one person.  To read more about my experience trying to understand genocide in Cambodia and beyond check out my story titled “The Tooth.”