PHOTOS: Colorful Kathmandu

It has become a habit of mine to spend at least one day per week roaming the Kathmandu streets and alleys with my camera.  Every day that I’ve done this, I return home with hundreds, or even thousands of pictures from the photography mission.  On my photography walks I attempt to capture quick moments and scenes that make up everyday life for Nepalis.  These include bargaining at the vegetable market, hanging out on the steps of a temple, prayer or doing a puja and eating street snacks.
I’ve compiled a set of photos below from my photography walk two Saturdays ago.  When looking at these pictures after the fact, one thing stands out to me: the color.  Kathmandu is colorful.  I think the vibrancy of the scenes is what makes photography walks so enjoyable.  There are the rainbow colors of the vegetable peddler’s spreads, the reds of women’s saris, the orange of sadhus’ robes, the green and yellow of beaded necklaces and the gold of traditional statues.  Color can be found around every corner, even in the most unexpected places.

Bargaining on the street near Asan Bazaar.

A busy corner near Asan Bazaar. At this corner is a concentration of fruit vendors, who sell straight off of baskets attached to their bicycle.

In the tailoring district, several shops display their colorful clothes and saris.

A vegetable peddler counts his rupees and organizes his vegetables near Asan Bazaar.

Two sadhus who were eager to pose for a picture near Kathmandu's Durbar Square (yes, they insist on payment for pictures).

A women gets whisked away by a rickshaw near Asan Bazaar.

Two men wait for customers at their tiny incense shops.

Two women selling things from their spots on the pavement near Kathmandu's Durbar Square.

A tiny shrine I saw embedded in the sidewalk. The shrine is covered in tika powder and rice grains given as an offering.

Various green vegetables for sale near Asan Bazaar.

Tika powder, rice grains and other offerings to be given at the nearest shrine.

A woman weaves plates and bowls from green leaves.

Women string marigolds on to garlands to be given as religious offerings.

Flower petal offerings outside a tiny Hindu temple near Asan Bazaar.

3 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Colorful Kathmandu

  1. Debra

    Beautiful pictures! I especially like the one of the woman in the rickshaw/tuk-tuk. Everything about her is moving, but she is still. Very emblematic of busy Kathmandu.

  2. Michael

    Hello from South China!

    I just discovered your blog today and this is the first post I’ve had a chance to look at. Wonderful. I’ll get back here for more when I can find the time because I think it may take a while to browse the site!


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