PHOTOS: Kathmandu Life

A Kathmandu street scene.

Stop by this restaurant for a "sandwitch," served hot and fresh out of a bubbling cauldron.

The glorious, glorious Kathmandu skyline. My favorite.

The vegetable peddlers on the Kathmandu streets add color to the dusty, brown backdrop of streets and alleys.

Vibrant colors on the Kathmandu streets. These are embroidered and sequined shawls to go with saris.

Washer and dryer? Nope. Most laundry here is done by hand (including mine). Here, someone washes clothing and collects water at the public water taps by the Bagmati River.

This is Gita's hand (my landlady and neighbor). Last week was some occasion where women get henna designs and wear a right on their left ring finger to ensure that ghosts will not be seen for a year. Gita made design for herself, me and her daughter. I learned that after the henna design is on, one should dab it with lemon once dry to make sure the pattern stays for longer.

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