You Know You’ve Backpacked S.E. Asia When…

You know you’ve backpacked Southeast Asia when…

1) A large percentage or your grungy travel shirts are emblazoned with local beer logos, including this one:

2) You’ve drank a cocktail or two out of what normally would be considered a child’s beach toy:

Sangsom Whiskey Buckets (photo by Kullez-flickr)

3) You know that the term “Yellow Bible” has nothing to do with religion:

Lonely Planet's "Yellow Bible": the holy grail of SE Asia travel books.

4) You have a scar or two on your body from intertubing in Vang Vieng, Laos:

Zip line on the Nam Song River in Laos (Photo by: lanz-flickr)

5) You think street Pad Thai is just about as essential as water:

Street Pad Thai in a wok (Photo by: Charles Hayes-flickr)

6) You don’t think a 17-hour bus ride is particularly long, anything over 30-hours might be pushing it, though:

A bus in Laos (Photo by: joaquinuy-flickr)

7) You’ve grown used to cockroaches and have even snacked on them once or twice:

Cockroach (Photo by: Anil Jadhav-flickr)

8 ) You’ve seen some of the prettiest men ever:

Lady Boy in Patpong, Thailand (Photo by: fitri.agung-flickr)

9) You’ve often found yourself wandering malls just to take advantage of the air conditioning and clean bathrooms:

Mall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Photo by: Julien Menichini-flickr)

10) You consider a tuk-tuk ride across town a sufficient alternative to using a hair dryer:

Tuk-Tuk ride in Thailand (Photo by: bfick-flickr)

11) You know it’s not uncommon for there to be three 7-11s within a two block vicinity:

7-11s are everywhere in Thailand. (Photo by: iaminthailand-flickr)

Excellent Reader Suggestions:

Here are some extra hilarious ones via Epic Asia Travel readers. Got some more? Make sure to comment below!

12) You start to believe the hose is better than toilet paper after all (Suggested by Jon):

Asian toilet with hose (Photo by: wonder-flickr)

13) You realize that a scooter can easily carry a family of four whilst the driver texts (Suggested by Jon):

Family on a Bike in SE Asia (Photo by: emilio labrador-flickr)

9 thoughts on “You Know You’ve Backpacked S.E. Asia When…

  1. Jon

    Brilliant! Here are a few more, You start to believe the hose is better than toilet paper after all……You know the taxi driver will say yes to absolutely any question and will never switch on the meter……You realise a scooter can easily carry a family of four whilst the driver texts……You get used to the taste of carnation milk in coffee….Street children multiply every time you buy something…….

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  3. Dave and Deb

    Haha, Love this! So true on every point. Thanks for bringing back fun memories. I could so relate to all of them. Scouring malls for the clean bathroom was right on the nose. I remember going to the mall constantly for a break. The cool air, clean atmosphere, fast food choices and yes,the bathrooms were something we looked forward to.

  4. Nando Tampubolon

    Okay for information, I just got know your blog from Koolred who mentioned you twitter yesterday morning, so here I visiting your blog and I think I’m just in love with you blog’s content. Its all about traveling information which is I love. If you don’t mind, I have some questions for you :

    First, May I know when did you do your first backpack abroad ? and what did you prepare for that first time backpacked ? Second. Do you have tips about backpacked to Vietnam and thailand ? I’m about to go there this october. Third. Is it hard to be a solo bacpacker ? have any tips for beginner ?

    Sorry about too many questions, I hope you’ll answer it. Thanks anyway

  5. Nicki!

    Leah!!! your amazing this is hillarious cause I’ve heard so many stories and well they usually include one or all of the above. we miss you and you amaze me with your talents!!! So proud of you! Love you girl cant wait till u get home zoeys gunna be HUGE!

  6. Kai

    You know you’ve backpacked Southeast Asia when you realize you’re a white westerner treating each culture you come across as something quaint, taking pictures of the people and things there as “cultural mementos”, so you can come back home and show all of your friends how down to earth you are.

    1. epicasia

      Please explain why you think Western backpackers think SE Asian countries and cultures are “quaint?”
      Also, what do you propose instead of taking photographs to show friends and family? It seems that you are saying it would be better to stay home and not see the world, which I HIGHLY disagree with.


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