Top 5: Things To Do In Singapore

Five MUST do activities on any visit to Singapore:

1. Try a cup of the Singaporean coffee. It is called “Kopi” at the hawker centers. The pure coffee is black as night: literally, it looks like melted tar, but tastes like heaven. If you order “Kopi” the vendor will mix it with a portion of sweetened condensed milk. The generous portion of condensed milk, a creamy syrup, is added to each Kopi. If everyone could drink this everyday the world would be a better place. If you want coffee with no milk you tell the vendor you want “Kopi-O.”

Coffee In Singapore

Singaporean "Kopi" **

2. Go to Little India, smell the incense, and try some of the delicious Indian sweets. These things are so rich and delicious, it is probably best to split them between two people.

Fruit Stand in Little India *** by Khalzuri

3. Ride the MRT. The MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) is the incredibly efficient public transport train that travels to most areas in Singapore. The MRT comes every few minutes and is used by a large majority of the country. Apparently there is a large tax ($40,000) for people who wish to own private cars, and most of the cars are sent to other countries after 10 years or use. So, it doesn’t make much sense, unless you are uber rich, to get a private car. This means that thousands of people ride the MRT everyday. Besides being a convenient place to enjoy some air conditioning, it is a great place to people watch. Just riding the MRT gives you a good flavor of the diversity of Singapore.

4. Go to a hawker center, any hawker center, and try some random foods. Maxwell Food Center in Chinatown is a good one.  Go when you are very, very hungry and you won’t leave disappointed.

5. Drink a delicous Tiger Beer on a hot day, preferably with some spicy food. Beer tastes much better when it is hot out.


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